Wednesday, 18 October 2017

How To Extract Contents of B6Z Extension With B6Zip

This tutorial shows how to easily extract .b6z file content using the B6Zip application.

Download B6ZIP App from Here and install onto your computer.

You can also find B6Zip through any search engine.

This will be a free download since B6Zip is freeware and open source.

After you have installed the app, open the program to associate .B6Z files and other archive formats to B6Zip to automatically extract.

Go to your Finder window to get to your .b6z file.

From here you can either just double click the file, command click the file, or right click it and choose "Open".

The extraction path window will let you choose a destination to extract the b6z file to.

Click the OK button and watch as the files are extracted.  You will hear a familiar Mac chime when it is complete.

Note: B6Z files may have a password on them, this means that it is encrypted.  You should ask whoever gave you the b6z file what the password is so that you can extract it.

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