Thursday, 8 June 2017

Get Any Friend's Whatsapp Without Any Hack

There are so many website that show's the way to hack whatsapp but most of them we donot understand or we don't have the recourses..
I always wanted to hack my friend's whatsapp but I can't because everytime I want to hack I always fail because the hack won't work..
And I almost give up in trying to hack my friend's whatsapp but I Find something..
Firstly, I don't believe it will work that it was so simple that I think it will not gona' work but It did..

What was it??
It was Just an App..

 Whatscan for Whatsweb

  You can download it from here : Whatscan For Whatsapp

Steps :

  1. Download the App From the Play Store.. The Link is Given Above..
  2. Now Open The App There will be a QR Code Like This..

  3. You have to just scan This QR Code from the The Phone From which you want to Hack the Phone..
  4. It's Up To You How You Get The Phone From Him.. You Need the Phone Just For 10 Seconds..
  5. Now The Most Important Thing Is To Clean The Login History From the Phone..

  6. Now You Can See Every Message They Get and You Can Send Message To Any Contact To His Whatsapp..
This is So Simple.. I had Done it to so many Friends And They Never Know..

This Can Also Be Used By Parents To Keep Check Their Childrens..

But There is One Problem This App is Limited To One Account.. You Cannot Add More.. But There is a Pro Version Of The For Which You Have To Pay..

But I can Also Get it Free For You..

If Any One Wants Just Email Me..

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