Thursday, 22 March 2018

The NVIDIA Titan V arrives, "the most powerful graphics ever created"

Those liable for NVIDIA have announced the launch of the Titan V , the committed photographs card for PCs that the employer says is "the maximum effective PC GPU ever created."

This graphic card, however, isn't suitable for all audiences, each for its charge, that's $ 2,999 , and for its blessings, which despite the fact that allow it for use for gambling, of direction, greater oriented to extensive computing scenarios.

Artificial intelligence, great beneficiary of this power

In NVIDIA claim that this model can reach thirteen,8 TFLOPS in easy precision , and has 12 GB of HBM2 memory, 5120 CUDA cores and 640 "tensor cores" which can be exactly intended to multiply through 9 its overall performance inside the region of deep learning and artificial intelligence.

The new version of this circle of relatives uses the brand new Volta architecture that we had already seen inside the Tesla V100 . The Titan V is the "little sister" of that specialised chart, although in truth there is not a lot that the distinction of that version that is round $ 10,000 .

In truth they share the core of the GPU, the GV110 with a big die of 815 mm2, even though the V100 has sixteen GB of pics reminiscence and 6 MB of L2 Cache, for the 12 GB and 4.Five MB of the Titan V. The two , yes, they have got the identical consumption, a "discrete" TDP of 250W .

Considering these small variations, it is possibly that NVIDIA has every other awesome winner here in its high-stop marketplace, particularly when this version is marginally less effective than the Tesla V100 however has a much decrease charge. It isn't always a putting card for the user strolling or the gamer , but that marketplace area of interest an increasing number of important that represents researchers inside the region of ​​synthetic intelligence have a powerful best friend within the Titan V.

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